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Home Elevator

Home Elevator

Zork Home lift/Elevator is a specific product in the elevators (lifts) of apartments, homes, Villas or other private property with multiple stories or uneven floorings. Home lifts are compact lifts for 4to 6 persons. It is very worthwhile to improve the amenity of the Home.

Home elevator is an very advanced elevatoring system, This Elevator does not require a Machine Room for gearless type and it is fitted inside the Lift Shaft and works at single phase current Supply. A little unit is required for pressure-driven type for containing the Hydraulic unit. The Elevator can be made for conveying limit of up to 300 Kilograms. these are very smooth, Silent, Eco Friendly, comfortable and reliable operations.

We provide all types Home Elevators including various door options i.e Power Operated Automatic Doors with Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Cabin etc.

Our elevators in this category are comes in various capacities, speed and array of functional features and interior layouts etc,