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Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator

ZORK Hydraulic Elevator is a mechanical device that uses hydraulic force to carry passengers or goods from one floor to another. A type of fluid/Piston is used to perform functions in its elevation and descend.

The main components used in hydraulic lifts are Fluid Arms, Motor, Pump, Oil Reservoir, And Tank.

Hydraulic elevators are used extensively in buildings up to 4 or 5 Floors height. Sometimes, but rarely, up to 8 Floor height. These elevators, which can operate at speeds up to 20 meters.
We provide all types Hydraulic Elevators including various door options i.e Manual Collapsible Doors, Manual IFD Doors, Power Operated Automatic Doors, with Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Cabin etc.

Our Hydraulic Elevators shall be installed by considering the comfort, speed, and safety evolutions of the users. Our elevator comes in various capacities, speed and array of functional features and interior layouts etc,